Team Appreciate strives to shape STEM culture and enables others to discover the lifelong benefits of being involved in robotics and other STEM activities. See our major outreach initiatives below.

Outreach Directory – An exhaustive, sortable record of Team Appreciate’s outreach events.
Handouts – A page which contains all the handouts we gave to teams and/or judges at our competitions over the 2017 season. Be sure to take a look at the brochures for SACOT, STEMConnect, FIRST Signing Day, and our Lilypad Project!
SACOT – The STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas, a statewide initiative to bring together students to advocate for increased government support of STEM activities.
STEMConnect – A series of weeklong summer robotics programs hosted on corporate sponsors’ campuses for employees’ children.
FIRST Signing Day – A national initiative to recognize graduating seniors in robotics, inspired by the “signing day” tradition among sports teams.