Last May, our 30 graduating team members participated in the first annual FIRST Signing Day. The idea was proposed by one of our mentors, Mr. Witowski, and was inspired by the athletic signing day happening at our school. Having witnessed the outstanding effort put forth by our team members, we felt that all FIRST students deserved more recognition from their school communities. Inspired by the tradition observed by sports teams and athletes across the nation, we created FIRST Signing Day, a national initiative where seniors in FIRST sign a letter of intent.

After the idea was born, the next step was to recruit other teams to participate. Information was disseminated through Chief Delphi and conversations with other teams’ mentors. The other teams who participated in the first annual FIRST Signing Day were FRC teams 16 (Bomb Squad), 27 (Rush), 135 (Penn Robotics), 341 (Miss Daisy), 359 (Hawaiian Kids), 744 (Shark Attack), 987 (High Rollers), 1477 (Texas Torque), 1538 (The Holy Cows), and 1676 (The Pasack Pioneers).

If you’re interested in hosting a Signing Day for your team, information can be found here. Our next Signing Day will be on May 17, 2017.

Questions? Feel free to message us @FIRSTSigningDay on Twitter!