After competing at the FRC Alamo regional, Team 2468 was excited to represent Texas in the FRC Utah regional. With over 30 teams coming from all over North America, we could not wait to play against some new teams.
Qualifications were intense, with many match scores exceeding 100 points. During one of these matches we managed to score 135 points with the help of 3225 and 329, setting the record for the rest of qualifications. Despite not being the undefeated team, at the end of the qualifications, we were still able to take the number one seed spot. We finished our twelfth qualification match with an average of 92.5 points.


With our number one seed spot, we were able to choose 4334 Alberta Tech and 3166 First Year Ravens for our alliance partners. During the playoffs, each robot played a major role in winning our matches. Team 4334 assisted us with breach and capture and Team 3166 played some excellent defense defending our tower. With this strategy we were able to set a new record of 190 points in the second match of semifinals. In finals we played against Team 1477, 3374 and 5933. We were able to remain undefeated and won another blue banner to take home.
On top of becoming regional finalist, we were able to win the Safety Award on Friday and took home our fourth consecutive Chairman’s Award. Congratulations to our friend, Team 1477, Texas Torque, who came up with us to represent Texas. They went from the seventh seed to facing off against us in the finals. On top of that, they won the Entrepreneurship Award. With our spot in St Louis secured, we look forward to another exciting competition at the Arizona West Regional.