After an exciting 2017 season, Team 2468 was honored to be once again invited to the Texas Robot Roundup (TRR). This was the 7th annual TRR and we were excited to attend and compete with some of the bests teams from around the state.

This offseason competition was a great opportunity for incoming juniors to see what an FRC competition is like. Juniors got to watch and scout matches, and we even had some juniors as new drivers on the field. This competition allowed our new team members to learn from our veterans and grow more comfortable with the transition from FTC to FRC. With the matches being very competitive, everyone had such a thrill throughout the event and there was never a dull moment in the days we were there.



The first day of the event consisted of qualification matches. Our team played 11 qualification matches. Our final score was 6-5-0 and we ended the day rank 7.


On the second and final day, we began by finishing off the last of our qualification matches. We were 5th alliance captain and choose teams FRC 4610 BearTecs and FRC 6357 The Spring Konstant as our alliance partners. We played teams FRC 9999 SummerHeat (the filler team), FRC 3999 ShadeTree Robotics, and FRC 1296 Full Metal Jackets in the playoff matches. Unfortunately, we lost in the quarterfinals 2-0, ending our run in the competition. However, we had a blast at Texas Robot Roundup both days and cannot wait to hopefully return next year!