MULE Project

Taking a traditional West Coast drive base with chain in the tube and reimagining it by making the chain accessible

CAD Design
Programming Code

2017 Code

Our Steamworks and RealSense repositories

Steamworks Code
RealSense Wrappers

FRC Sensors

A introductory guide to implementation of sensors on FRC robots.


SolidWorks Seminar

A seminar for beginners on designing FRC robots using SolidWorks.


CAD for Seminar

2D Sketch Analysis

A lesson on using SolidWorks to conduct 2-dimensional analysis of linkage and elevator mechanisms.


Team 2468 Design Principles

Team 2468 follows these principles to develop a competitive robot for each year’s competition.


Sheet Metal Seminar

This seminar covers basic skills needed to develop sheet metal parts using SolidWorks.


Sheet Metal Seminar Files

Necessary files for the Sheet Metal Seminar.

2468 File Naming System

2468’s method of naming files on our SVN.


2016 Scorpius Code

The LabVIEW code we used on last year’s robot, Scorpius

2468 2016 Robot Project