2016 Season

Competition: Stronghold

Robot Name: Scorpius

STRONGHOLD is a medieval-themed game played by two Alliances of three robots each. Robots score points by crossing enemy’s defense, scoring boulder in the enemy’s tower, and scaling their tower.




2015 Season

Competition: Recycle Rush

Robot Name: Orion

RECYCLE RUSH is a recycling-themed game played by two Alliances of three robots each. Robots score points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers, and properly disposing of pool noodles, representing litter.





2014 Season

Competition: Aerial Assist

Robot Name: Rexstrong

AERIAL ASSIST is a game played by two Alliances of three robots each. Robots score points by passing balls to each other over a center divider and then throwing them into a goal.


2013 Season

Competition: Ultimate Ascent

Robot Name: Biscuit

ULTIMATE ASCENT was a game in which robots could score points by shooting Frisbees into goals, or by climbing metal pyramids.


2012 Season

Competition: Rebound Rumble

Robot Name: Spud

REBOUND RUMBLE was a basketball-themed games in which robots could shoot basketballs into three different heights of goals. Robots could also work together to balance on a tilting bridge, earning extra points for both teams.


2011 Season

Competition: Logo Motion

Robot Name: Liz

LOGO MOTION was the game for the FIRST 2011 season. In the game, two alliances of three teams each manipulate inflatable game pieces shaped like the FIRST logo. Robots score points by arranging the inflatable tubes on a scoring grid similar to a vertical tic-tac-toe board. Teams may also score points during the endgame by using minibots to climb up a tower.


2010 Season

Competition: Breakaway

Robot Name: Breakaway Bot

BREAKAWAY was a soccer-themed game played during the 2010 FRC Season. In the game, robots score points by kicking soccer balls into goals and hanging on towers. In addition, bumps separate the field so robots must either traverse the bumps or travel through tunnels located at the center of the bumps.


2009 Season

Competition: Lunacy

Robot Name: Fridgebot

LUNACY was a game played on a low-friction field in which the robots towed trailers and attempted to shoot irregularly-shaped balls into the opposing team’s trailers.


2008 Season

Competition: Overdrive

Robot Name: Norman

In OVERDRIVE, teams competed to complete counterclockwise laps around a central barrier while manipulating large 40 in (1 m) diameter “Trackballs” over and under overpasses to score additional points.