NI Week Keynote

1 time

Reach: 10,000

Ray Almgren, NI’s Vice President of Marketing, organized the final keynote at 2014 NI Week. He explained NI’s involvement at various stages of youth STEM education. He recruited Team Appreciate to be a vital part of his address. Long before the keynote, NI made a film about our team, including how we teach STEM and how we use LabVIEW and other innovative technologies. The video was shown just before his keynote, setting the tone. Our students played an active role during Almgren’s section on FRC, which featured our team. Students practiced their speaking roles for days before hand, preparing themselves to speak in front of an audience of over 4,000 professionals. During their part of the presentation, our students revealed the potentials of FRC and NI technology by using our 2013 Ultimate Ascent robot to shoot a water bottle off of Almgren’s head in a sort of William Tell overture. Additionally, our team members helped reveal the new roboRIO to over 1,000 FRC teams streaming the event.


Biscuit and a lunar lander, which was also on the stage with us