South Africa

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Global Literacy Project

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Reach: 75

       All of Team Appreciate alumni lead lives that continue to make our team proud and inspire students with what is possible for a FIRST student. One year, a Team Appreciate member obtained approval to hold a summer LEGO Robotics camp as his Eagle Scout project. His sister, home from Princeton on summer break, was eager to help her brother with his project. What she didn’t expect was how the experience would inspire her. After returning to Princeton, she became involved with the Global Literacy Project. In looking for a way to inspire students to STEM literacy, she immediately thought of LEGO Robotics. She reached out to Team Appreciate for help. The result was the launch of a robotics program at the Randfontein School in rural South Africa. This was the only group in the history of the Global Literacy Project to return the following year. The Princeton student, now an honorary member of Team Appreciate, traveled to Randfontein to help teach a robotics curriculum using four LEGO kits donated by our team, along with instructional videos produced by Team Appreciate. Some Team Appreciate students also visited the Randfontein School over their summer break. They were greeted with warmth and appreciation for their participation in starting the program.