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Reach: 158,225

Our Head Coach, Norman Morgan, works closely with LEGO as a LEGO
Education Advisory Panelist. In his classroom, he experiments with new
ways to use LEGO products to inspire his students, and he talks about
the experiences at LEGO Education conferences and workshops. This
close relationship has led to a partnership between our team and LEGO
Education. Our students were among the first to experiment with the
EV3 Intelligent Brick and were allowed to promote it during outreach
events. Team 2468 also participated in several webinars demonstrating
the classroom potential of the LEGO EV3 Intelligent Brick to educators.
Prior to the EV3’s release, Team 2468 partnered again with LEGO
Education to make a series of video demonstrating how the EV3 can be
used in the classroom or laboratory. Among other uses, these videos
were shown at the Consumer Electronics Show, officially revealing the
product to over 150,000.