8 years (9 times)

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After Freescale asked our team to build a robot that would run at least the final part of the Austin Freescale Marathon, we not only built the robot they requested, but we participated in multiple events and presentations that promoted the marathon, STEM education, and FIRST.
Our team was also part of a presentation to Austin’s Mayor that promoted the upcoming Austin Freescale Marathon and STEM education. A member of our team, Lynnea Hernandez, appeared with Freescale CEO, Gregg Lowe on both Fox News “Good Day Austin” show and on our local CBS affiliate, KEYE TV’s morning news show to promote the participation of a robot in the 2014 Austin Freescale Marathon. This was the first time a robot had a part in this event and it was a great showcase of the “marathon bot” we built, highlighting the importance of STEM education.
Team Appreciate also demonstrated our marathon bot at the 2014 Freescale Tech Expo and at the 2014 Austin Freescale Marathon Expo. At the 2014 Austin Freescale Marathon, our robot ran the last segment of the race, firing celebratory confetti and streamers into the air as it crossed the finish line.


Gregg Lowe and the team with our marathon bot