Wednesday, March 1

On Wednesday, March 1, FRC 2468 boarded a bus for Lubbock, TX, site of the 2017 FRC Hub City Regional. We look forward to testing our robot on the STEAMWORKS competition field as well as preparing for our Chairman’s presentation.

Thursday, March 2

On the first day of competition, Team 2468 worked through a number of robot issues, implementing a new gear manipulator and improving just about every component across the robot. The SACOT (STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas) team added 54 students across 7 teams to the SACOT program and introduced the initiative to multiple FIRST leaders. Our scouting team gathered valuable information throughout the day’s practice matches and prepared to deploy their custom-built “scouting app” tomorrow for the team.

Friday, March 3

A valuable and exciting first day of matches for Team 2468! With the robot ready to go at last, the team started off slightly behind in the morning but quickly improved the gear manipulator and autonomous routine to finish with a 4-4 record. Many members of our team also gave back by volunteering for field reset and helping other teams with bumpers and software. Hundreds of hours of work paid off when the Chairman’s team exemplified FIRST values in the presentation room and pit. Looking forward to finishing qualifications and alliance selection tomorrow!

Saturday, March 4

Continuing the spirit of improvement from yesterday, Team 2468 overcame technical difficulties in a tight match schedule throughout the morning, finishing qualifications at rank 17. During alliance selections, the team graciously accepted an offer by #1 alliance captain, FRC 3366 Plowbots, to compete in elimination matches. The alliance fought hard in quarterfinals but was sadly eliminated after winning 1 match and losing 2. Fortunately, the team ended the weekend on a good note by winning the Gracious Professionalism award for the first time in 2468 history! Team 2468 congratulates the winning alliance, FRC 1817 RoboRaiders, 935 RaileRobotics, and 4063 TriKzR4Kidz, as well as Chairman’s Award winner FRC 624 CRyptonite.