Wednesday, March 8

On Wednesday we embark on the journey to our second regional, the Dallas Regional in Irving, Texas. After about 3 hours, we arrive at the convention center, and unload the bus. Our pit crew immediately gets started on assembling the pit. Afterward, we all grab some dinner and head back to our hotel, where our amazing coach imparts on us some wise words, and sends us off to bed to rest up for the next day.

Thursday, March 9

7 AM, and most of the team is up and ready to go. We head over to the Irving Convention center and start our day of building and inspection before we start practice matches. Throughout the day, we not only have a couple of team members go from team to team to talk about our STEMConnect and FIRST Signing Day initiatives, but we have several other team members helping other teams with building, debugging, building bumpers, updating software firmware, wiring, and just making sure that teams who weren’t inspected yet had all of their resources necessary to do so.

Friday, March 10

First day of qualifying matches! We start off the day with a win, leading to an optimistic attitude from the whole team. As the days go on and matches go by, many judges and members from other teams visit our pits, our scouts are diligently watching matches and talking to teams all around the pit area. Just before lunch time, our Chairman’s presentation team gives their presentation to the judges, which they feel confident about. We end the day eager to come back and make tomorrow another great day.

Saturday, March 11

Our team is hyped for the last day of competition! We are awarded pit safety award of the day, thanks to our diligent pit crew. We finish off qualifying matches with a final win-loss-tie ratio of 4-4-0 and in rank 22. Thanks to the work of our excellent scouts, we are chosen by the 4th seeded alliance! Along with teams 5417 and 4206 we breeze thorough quarterfinals, only needing to play two of the three matches. During the semifinals, we also emerge triumphant- winning two of the three matches- which lands us a spot in the finals. We are so honored to win the finals with our alliance partners, taking home a blue ‘winning alliance’ banner. Afterwards, the whole team heads to the stands for the award ceremony. We’re exceptionally proud of one of our members, Shrey Majmudar, for taking home Dean’s List Finalist, and our amazing outreach team, who worked so hard on the video, presentation, and submission that took home the 2017 Dallas Regional Chairman’s award.