Thursday, April 20

The first day of matches for Team Appreciate was hectic and challenging but ultimately very rewarding. After playing four matches, we ended with a 1-3-0 record, but after replaying an unprecedented three out of the four matches, our record dropped to 0-3-1. Though the scoreboard wasn’t looking too good, our drivers gained lots of experience on Roebling Field, and we knew we would be able to pull through the next day.
One of our outreach team members, Philip Liu, was one of two FRC students to interview Dean Kamen today! A full recording of his interview can be found here.

Friday, April 21

Finally, some results on the scoreboard! With some much-needed driver experience, quick robot fixes, and a working side gear autonomous (plus a little better luck), Team Appreciate fought hard throughout the day to end qualifications with a 3-6-1 record. Meanwhile, our Chairman’s team hit a home run in the presentation room and spoke to countless judges in the pit. In addition, our team members worked on and turned in a submission for the FedEx Innovation Challenge, which won us a $5000 grant. We even had the chance to be interviewed by Qualcomm in our pit! Overall, it was a day of great improvement and high performance for Team Appreciate.

Saturday, April 22

Early in the morning, Team Appreciate gratefully accepted an offer by #2 alliance captain Team 115: MVRT to compete in the playoffs alongside Team 365: Miracle Workerz and Team 5614: Team Sycamore. Together, we advanced all the way through the playoff matches, finally being eliminated in the finals by the #1 alliance led by Team 973: Greybots. Team 2468 congratulates the winning alliance, Teams 973 Greybots, 1011 CRUSH, 2928 Viking Robotics, and 5499 Bay Orangutans, as well as Championship Chairman’s Award winner Team 3132 Thunder Down Under.